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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that deals with the problem-solving by the aid of symbolic programming. It has greatly evolved into a science of problem-solving with huge applications in business, health care, and engineering. The main goal of artificial intelligence (AI) is to make machines learn, think, and understand like human beings, with the focus of using computers to imitate human intelligence. .It integrates knowledge of multi-disciplines including intuitive reasoning (with all kinds of physical and social common senses),computer vision, natural language perception and interaction, and machine learning. Hybrid-augmented intelligence is the typical feature of the next generation of AI, and cognitive computing of visual and auditory information is the core research content.Therefore,comprehending the human visual and auditory cognition mechanism and building its computable model is of vital significance for AI’s research and development.

The extraordinary is already the mundane

The artificial intelligence technology is present in our daily lives without even noticing anymore. Starting from our conversations with Siri or Alexa or even websites chatbots, VR games, and using smart appliances. There is no going back anymore, the humanity is already hooked and only looking forward.

Several big tech companies have started to use AI technology and machine learning to create complex computers that human will have no way to keep up with their level.

The main goal of artificial intelligence is to improve our lives, come to think of it, artificial intelligence aims to be a mundane presence in our lives and will not be chasing the sensational.

Nowadays, AI is more reliable partner of marketing functions financial programs, and we search systems. Chatbots and voice-based smart assistants are already helping millions of humans in their everyday lives.

Innovations is the only path to survival

The new era of technology requires us to step out of our comfort zone and look forward the big and beautiful unknown. The company need to start teaching their employees to learn how to manage and handle their new AI investments and has to teach them how to trust the machines. The next battle is between human and artificial intelligence against the world prosperity.


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