AI-based Cyber-attack detection:

As cyberattacks grow in volume and complexity, AITECHOM can help you to stay ahead of threats by implementing the artificial intelligence (AI) together with the cybersecurity software. Implementing the artificial technology into this field has many advantages. With fast-evolving cyberattacks and rapid multiplication of devices happening today, AI and machine learning can help you to keep abreast with cybercriminals, automate threat detection, and respond more effectively than conventional software-driven or manual techniques. Here are some of the advantaging that by using our expertise in artificial intelligent in your cybersecurity:

• Detecting new threats

• Battling bots

• Breach risk detection

• Endpoint detection

Intelligent robot

Intelligent robot has a well-developed “artificial brain,” which can arrange actions according to the designed purpose and also has sensors and effectors.
AITECHOM creates AI robots for use in library management system. Its helper robot, guider, has the ability to navigates books, guid you to your books inside the library, helping you by summarizing the book, and many more. AITECHOM has launched Robot Afaq Almarifa by integrated our library management system app into Temi robot making the robot doing the following tasks:

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WhatsApp Image 2022-10-18 at 07.45.15 (1)