Double Robot


An array of 3D sensors enables Double 3 to understand its environment, where it’s safe to drive, and how to divert around obstacles to reach the destination. Obstacle avoidance means that completely untrained drivers can drive Double 3 without fear of bumping into walls or people.


Dots are drawn on the floor where Double 3 can safely drive. The driver can click anywhere on the floor and the robot will go there, avoiding obstacles along the way.

Mixed Reality is like Augmented Reality, except virtual 3D objects are added into the video stream, and they look like they are placed in the real world. They help you understand what your Double can see, and they highlight important waypoints and objects of interest, such as the Charging.

Unified Pan-Tilt-Zoom

Two 13 Megapixel cameras provide an ultra wide field of view and multiple levels of zoom. The cameras can physically tilt up and down, which is helpful for reading papers on a desk or zooming into a specific point.

Double Specifications


2 x 13 Megapixel Unified Pan/Tilt/Zoom Module
One super wide angle lens, one super zoom lens
30 FPS and Night Vision Mode

6 x Digital microphones with beamforming
8-watt full range speaker

2 x Stereovision depth sensors (Intel® RealSense™ D430)
5 x Ultrasonic range finders
2 x Wheel encoders (2048 PPR each)
1 x Inertial Measurement Unit (9 DoF)



9.7-inch LED-backlit multi-touch LCD
Remotely-adjustable height (47” to 60” tall)
Processors, Memory, and Storage
NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX2-4GB System-on-Module
256-core NVIDIA® Pascal™ GPU Architecture
Dual-core NVIDIA® Denver 2 64-Bit CPU
Quad-core ARM® A57 Complex
4GB 128-bit LPDDR4 Memory
16GB eMMC 5.1 Flash Storage

Wireless Connectivity
Wi-Fi – Intel Dual-Band Wireless-AC (2.4GHz, 5GHz)
Bluetooth 4.2

4 hours of runtime, 2 hour recharge time Li-ion

User-replaceable silicone trim (5 colors available)

Developer Expansion
2 x USB 3.1 SuperSpeed ports
Top and rear hardware mounting points


Core Features
Unlimited Minutes
Click-to-Drive Mixed Reality UI
Motorized height control
Lateral Stability Control (LSC)

Collaboration Features
Multiple Driver Accounts
Visitor Pass
Screen Sharing (Chrome to robot’s screen)
Multi-viewer Video (up to 5 simultaneous viewers)

Video Protocol
WebRTC 128-bit AES encrypted


Supported Driver Interfaces
Mac or Windows PC with Chrome, Firefox, or Safari
iPad and iPhone, or Android with Chrome

Fleet Management
User account management
Scheduled Access Controls
Call Quality Reports
Aggregate all accounts by email domain
Google Apps Single Sign-On (SSO) Integration
Branded Subdomain
Branded User Interface

Developer API Available